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Casa Fiore



Casa Fiore is a mexican jewelry boutique specialized in custom made pieces. Its name comes from "The place where flowers born", as the author is faithful to the idea that, just as a flower blossoms and matures over time to reach an unequaled beauty, her designs are the result of unique ideas that "flourish" and embrace a unique and distinctive touch embodied through their artisan production.
Graphically, we wanted Casa Fiore branding to be perceived as an author's experience. At the Studio we developed an identity that faithfully represents the philosophy of the brand; we designed a symbol that is composed of four petals, accommodated clockwise and each one larger than the previous one, emphasizing that the author's ideas ,"bloom"  over time, to become unparalleled pieces of jewelry.
Also, we've developed a language through materials of the highest quality and special finishes that encompass the experience of the brand, always in a subtle and elegant way, letting the finishes and materials speak for themselves.
These attributes can be seen in the way the author approaches design, working with materials of the highest quality, so we've created a system of experiential and merely visual design.
In order to enhance the quality of the materials, the logotype is always presented in a very tactile way: embossed and with a light varnish.
Through sober and fine finishes, we communicate the key values of the brand: simplicity, quality and honest design. It's about communicating the message in a subtle and elegant way.

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